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        biodegradable, plant based, sustainable
Naked Straw plastic straw alternatives
Naked Straws, plastic straw alternative

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Naked Straw is the effort of founder,  Kim Russo and her team of Environmental Advocates who provide an efficient and practical solution to one of the major sources of plastics pollution; single-use, disposable straws and cutlery made from petroleum. 

Their story began when Kim Russo traveled to Bali, Indonesia.  On her trip, she noticed several restaurants were using reusable bamboo straws.  Fully aware of the imminent plastic issue, she thought - BINGO!   Here’s the solution to a huge problem.  

And that was the genesis of Naked Straw!


Since  life evolves, so does Naked Straw.  We now also offer Agave & Cassava Straws & Cutlery in 3 colors.  We will keep striving to always offer the absolute best products for our planet!

Please visit our pros & cons page above  or click here PROS/CONS for many more happy details on why our straws & cutlery are so amazing.

We hope you love them as much as we do as we strive to save Mother Earth.

We all MUST work together to tackle this major issue because....


"If we are not part of the solution, then we’re part of the pollution."

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