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Meet Geppetto, Our Mascot !


GEPPETTO was RELEASED back into the ocean!!

Click here to watch his release


Due to our relationship with WPB City Coordinator, Elaine Christian, we learned about Loggerhead Marinelife Center and adopted Geppetto, our rescued sea turtle.  A very handsome guy!!

If you would like to adopt a sea turtle or donate, please click here DONATE TODAY.


He was a 34 lb juvenile green sea turtle patient that was found floating in the Intracoastal by boaters.


Geppetto had an old healed wound on the carapace from an unknown cause. Radiographs taken upon arrival showed a large amount of gas in the intestines. The gas is most likely due to an intestinal infection.


Bloodwork showed a systemic infection. Geppetto received antibiotics and was monitored closely as the buoyancy disorder was treated.

He since has been released!!

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